Aké vylepšenia IMDS sa chystajú v roku 2020

4. 2. 2020

Zaujíma vás, aké sú očakávania vylepšenia IMDS pre rok 2020? Viac informácii nájdete v nižšie uvedenom článku, alebo na školení IMDS, ktoré pre vás pripravilo vzdelávacie centrum EDU Trainings.

1) Wizard for metal materials

  • Similar to the existing wizard for polymer materials.
  • Helps with choosing a Material MDS (MMDS) name and a Standard Material number.
  • If a Standard MMDS for this material already exists, a message informs the user when releasing or referencing an MMDS.

2) Support for multi-sourcing (multiple supply parts)

  • Current scope of this enhancement is only for components.
  • It will be possible to reference alternative MDSs for one component from different suppliers in a new MDS.

3) Consideration of lower thresholds for available selection of Application Codes

  • At the moment, all Application Codes are available for selection for which an upper limit of the threshold is met.
  • In addition, if a substance is not contained with at least a minimum value, the respective Application Code will not be displayed for selection.

4) No Standard default value for Application Codes

  • In August 2019 the default for Application IDs was deactivated if more than one code is possible (e.g. same thresholds for 1a and 1b).
  • In order to avoid wrong entries, no default value for application codes is given; instead, the user has to choose an application code.

5) Threshold parameter for all Where-Used Analysis related to substances
An additional threshold parameter (from / to value) for the Where–Used Analysis related to substances is introduced for the following analysis options:

  • Substance
  • Substance list
  • Substance group
  • Confidential substances
  • Application code

6) Where-Used Analysis for MDSs with recyclate information

  • A new analysis option is planned for the Where-Used Analysis to find MDSs containing recyclate information.

7) Standard contact for companies • Companies can mark one of their contacts as “standard“ contact (optional)

  • The standard contact will be displayed, if the real contact of an MDS is deactivated or has not accepted the GDPR rules, so that every MDS has a contact assigned.

8) Warning for referenced preliminary MDSs

  • New MDSs cannot contain references to preliminary MDSs. However, there are legacy data containing such references.
  • A Warning is generated if an old final MDS with a reference to a preliminary MDS in the tree exists.

9) Add supplier code to the search result list (Sent and Received screen)

  • Supplier code attribute can be viewed as a column listed in the Received MDSs and Sent MDSs screens.

10) Change recyclate handling for plastic materials

  • Currently, all recyclate material is added to the usage (component/semi-component) of the MMDS. With the enhancement, recyclate information for plastic materials will be added directly at the MMDS level by the material supplier.
  • Please note that the exact scope of this enhancement is still in discussion.

Nepremeškajte najbližšie termíny školení IMDS.

Názov Dátum  
IMDS1 – International Material Data System: Foundation 23. 3. – 24. 3. 2020 Registrácia
IMDS2 – International Material Data System: Advanced + Upgrade 25. 3. 2020 Registrácia


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