Overview of AS6500, Manufacturing Management Program

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Poor manufacturing management can lead to cost overruns, schedule delays, and quality problems. In response, the SAE G-23 Manufacturing Management Committee developed and published AS6500, Manufacturing Management Program. The standard requires proven manufacturing management practices with the goal of delivering affordable and capable systems. It is applicable to all phases of a system acquisition life cycle and may be specified in a contract on any program with manufacturing content.

This on-demand course addresses AS6500, why the standard was created, and how it relates to other SAE standards. It explains AS6500’s detailed requirements, lists the benefits of its adoption, and provides instructions on how to implement the standard within your organization.

AS6500 is applicable across the mobility industry and is gaining momentum in the aerospace industry with suppliers interested in upgrading and improving processes and procedures.


By participating in this On Demand course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the need for a manufacturing management industry standard
  • Summarize the requirements of AS6500
  • Describe how to tailor the AS6500 Standard to your organization
  • Identify the benefits of implementing AS6500

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Štruktúra kurzu

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  • Why AS6500 was Developed
    • Initiatives and Investigations that Identified a Need
    • Committee Background
  • Objectives of the Standard
    • Scope
    • Integration with Other SAE Standards
  • Requirements or „Shall“ Statements
    • Structure of the Standard
    • Section 6.1 Manufacturing Management
    • Section 6.2 Manufacturing Design Analysis
    • Section 6.3 Manufacturing Risk Identification
    • Section 6.4 Manufacturing Planning
    • Section 6.5 Manufacturing Operations Management
  • Suggestions for Implementation and Tailoring Examples
    • Reasons for Tailoring
    • Examples for How to Tailor for Your Needs
  • Benefits When Implemented
    • List of Benefits
    • Improving Current Processes

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This course will be especially valuable for operations managers, manufacturing managers, manufacturing engineers, producibility engineers, industrial engineers, process control engineers, supplier managers, quality engineers and related professionals who are interested in improving the manufacturing management function. Participants should have a familiarity with manufacturing and quality functions, tools, and practices.

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